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Red Hat Remote Exams – Everything you need to know

Gineesh Gineesh Follow Nov 20, 2020 · 1 min read
Red Hat Remote Exams – Everything you need to know
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We all know Red Hat certifications are very valuable and it will help you a lot for getting shortlisted in the hiring process. But we also know, Red Hat Exams are not simple multiple choice question exams but 100% practical exams and performance measurement is involved. And Red Hat exams always happen at class rooms, onsite or dedicated kiosks at authorized Exam centers. But we all know, most of the exam centers were closed during COVID-19 pandemic and we were in a situation where we cannot schedule or attend any Red Hat exams. To be honest, I have scheduled my OpenShift exam 6 times and cancelled or rescheduled because of this situation, until I attended that here in Singapore in last July. But this is not the situation anymore.

Disclaimer : I am not affiliated or associated with Red Hat, or any of its affiliates right now. This is purely based on my personal experience with Red Hat Remote exams.

In August 2020, Red Hat announced the availability of Remote exams for students and the entire Learning community were so happy, yes we can attend Red Hat exams from our home or office; not all exams yet. It was only 4 exams in the first place but we can see more exams are available as remote exams now. But we all got confused when we read the details of the exam environment; yes it is not easy and not straightforward like other remote exams.

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