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Learn Ansible – A Comprehensive Guide for Courses and Exams

Either follow a beginner-level course or a certification track course designed for Ansible certification.

In Ansible, Ansible Resources, Automation, Sep 05, 2022

Running Ad Hoc commands from Ansible Automation Controller Ansible Automation Platform

From the Ansible control node, users can easily execute the ad hoc commands and in this section, we will learn how to execute similar ad hoc commands from an Ansible automation contro...

In Infrastructre & Hardware, aap, ad hoc command, Aug 09, 2022

Ansible Automation Platform 12 to 2 Migration Guides

The information is collected from the official documents and aggregated to focus on the migration topic.

In Ansible, Ansible Course, Ansible Resources, May 16, 2022

Learn OpenShift 8211 A Comprehensive Guide for OpenShift Courses and Exams

Red Hat is offering multiple courses and certifications based on the Red Hat OpenShift platform and there are mainly two tracks (while writing this article), the OpenShift Administrat...

In Automation, Developer, DevOps, Apr 12, 2022

Top 15 Free Kubernetes Courses

Here you will find the top 15 Kubernetes resources which you can use at no cost from your home or office.

In Cloud, DevOps, Kubernetes, Mar 24, 2022

10 Free Courses to Learn Terraform

Here see what I have curated based on my experience and personal notes.

In Courses, DevOps, Free Courses, Feb 24, 2022

Up to 5 Microsoft Fundamentals Certifications at no cost

A few weeks ago, I have shared about free AZ-900 and SC-900 certifications and I came to know that, you can get up to 5...

In Cloud, DevOps, azure exam vouchers, Feb 18, 2022

Start your Linux journey with free Linux training courses

Here see some of the best Linux training you can start with at no cost; check out and sign up today.

In Careers, Courses, DevOps, Feb 09, 2022

Practicing Kubernetes

Check some of the lab resources you can refer to practice and learn Kubernetes.

In DevOps, Kubernetes, Devops, Feb 06, 2022

How to access applications deployed in minikube Kubernetes cluster using NodePort

In this demo, we will deploy a simple nginx application using helm charts and access it from the host machine.

In DevOps, Kubernetes, deploy in minikube, Jan 29, 2022