Gineesh Madapparambath, an IT professional, was born and raised in Kerala, India and is currently employed in Singapore.

The book “Ansible for Real Life Automation” has been authored by Gineesh, providing comprehensive guidance on setting up Ansible and managing remote nodes in both production and dev/staging environments.

At techbeatly.com, a community-based platform for IT professionals, Gineesh serves as the founder and editor. The website showcases articles, how-to guides, and videos covering various IT roles, including DevOps, Systems Engineers, SRE, Developers, Security, and more.

Automation and containerization expertise in Ansible, OpenShift, Kubernetes, and Terraform is the primary focus of Gineesh’s assistance to users and customers.

SocialKonf.com, also founded by Gineesh, serves as an online community platform for discovering and registering for events. Users can also contribute event information to the platform.

Training videos can be found on YouTube.com/techbeatly, where Gineesh covers topics such as #devops, #ansible, #openshift, #kubernetes, and #opensource.

In addition to his passion for travel, food, and technology, Gineesh shares travel-related articles on his blog rovervibes.com.

With over 15+ years of experience in IT Service Management and consultancy, Gineesh has been involved in the planning, deployment, and support of Linux-based projects.

Gineesh has designed, developed, and deployed automation solutions utilizing Ansible and Ansible Automation Platform (formerly Ansible Tower). These solutions cover tasks such as building bare metal/virtual servers, patching, license management, Network Operations, and custom monitoring. He has coordinated the design and deployment of servers in data centers worldwide, gaining cross-cultural experience in classic, private cloud (OpenStack, VMWare), virtual, and public cloud environments (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). Throughout his career, Gineesh has held multiple roles, including Systems Engineer, Automation Specialist, Infrastructure Designer, and content author.

To get in touch with Gineesh, please contact him at [email protected].

(Also known as Gini Gangadharan)

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