• add intro with pre-req; minimum linux experience for managing systems and commands

Playbook #update part 1 based on pdf Consider ssh hooks load for controlnodes

Add pre-req and ssh-key thing as 2.1

update with user creation

useradd devops To setup an easy password : echo abc |passwd –stdin devops add more details of remote user creation and

echo “suser ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL” > /etc/sudoers.d/suser


add how to mention inventory in ansible.cfg. mention the same in deployment chapter as well.


add basic ansible command pattern with details from PDF


correct the “Start with — “ thing as proper — give a dummy playbook strucure

play1 task -args task -args
task -args

play1 task -args task -args
task -args

Installing a module :

https://blog.toast38coza.me/custom-ansible-module-hello-world/ An excellent general guide to writing modules (I’ve no connection to the author) can be found here: http://blog.toast38coza.me/custom-ansible-module-hello-world/

The quickest way is to simply have a folder called library/ in the same folder as your playbook. Inside this folder, place the python script for the Ansible Module. You should now have a corresponding task available to your playbook.

If you want to share your module across multiple projects, then you can add an entry to /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg pointing to a shared library location, eg:

library = /usr/share/ansible/library