1. Introduction to Rancher & RKE

1.1. Rancher Architecture

1.2. Disocvering RKE

  • RKE deploys Kubernetes components as docker containers
  • SSH is used to orchestrate RKE across servers
  • Cluster.yml contains all the information RKE needs to provision a Kubernetes cluster
  • You can supply your own certificates that Rancher will serve for its UI/API
  • RKE will support the Latest patch releases from the three most recent minor releases correct

1.2.1. Creating the Cluster Configuration File

$ rke config

Answer questions and create cluster.yaml

$ rke up --ssh-agent-auth

1.3. Day Two Operations For RKE

1.3.1. Secure the Installation Files

Save kube_config_cluster.yaml and cluster.rkestate

1.3.2. Backups and DR

  • Snapshot every 6 hours and keep it for 24 hours
  • or take manual snaphort rke etcd snapshort-save, which will save snapshot in /opt/rke/etcd-snapshots/ directory
  • minio to keep snapshots
  • rke etcd snapshot-restore --name BACKUP_FILE to restore

2. References