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Tech Word of the Day

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#techwordoftheday - 20190416

What is git rebase

Rebasing is the process of moving or combining a sequence of commits to a new base commit. Rebase is one of two Git utilities that specializes in integrating changes from one branch onto another. The other change integration utility is git merge. Merge is always a forward moving change record. Alternatively, rebase has powerful history rewriting features:

techwordoftheday - 20190705

So what is orchestration?

Imagine you have 10 containers that serve different purposes. Using a bunch of instances and running these containers is pretty easy. When your application begins to grow and the number of containers you’ve deployed goes up to 100, pressure mounts but it’s still bearable. But when you find yourself managing thousands of containers, each with different versions, relationships and network configurations, things begin to get a bit crazy.

For companies using modern development techniques that heavily rely on containers, the challenge of scaling this type of architecture can be too much to handle.

And this is where orchestration comes into the picture.

The entire point of an orchestration infrastructure is to provide a simple way to “schedule” containers and let the underlying infrastructure do the rest.