Ansible Automation Platform - Frequently Asked Questions

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AAP on OpenShift

What are user_id will be created in each server/container . (Ex- In controller , hub , db and execution node )

The AAP operator, controller, hub, execution and database pods are running using the official Red Hat container images. Most of them contains the awx user and other user account. There is no ready-to-share list of such information but you can find the following details under the container image page.

  • Overview
  • Security
  • Technical Information
  • Packages
  • Dockerfile
  • Get this image

Example URL for Ansible Automation Platform controller( ansible-automation-platform-23/controller-rhel8) container image.

What are file system and directory will be created/needed in each AAP component(server/container).

These are container images and the files systems are pre-defined and no additional configurations is required. For the pods which required persistentvolumes (controller, hub, database etc), the required persistentvolumeclaims will be created by the AAP operator. This is customizable and users can define the size during the deployment. (Part of information gathering)

Namespace requirement –Ie AAP need to be visible to all namespace or separate one only .

AAP Operator is can be installed in all namespaces but recommended to keep it in its own namespace.

Number of persistent storage for each AAP component ( EX- controller , db ) with small summary of what information will be save on such storage .)

See the answer above.

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