AWS Summit Online - 2020

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Hands on Labs

  • Build, Run and Deploy a Containerized Web Application using Docker and Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) -
  • Building Organization Service Health Check Solution with Cloud9 and QuickSight -
  • Build a contact center for booking and checking appointment with AWS Connect/Lex/Lambda -
  • Deploy and Expose Game 2048 on EKS using Kubernetes Ingress with AWS ALB Ingress Controller -
  • Creating a simple recommendation engine with Amazon Neptune -
  • Amazon Personalize Batch Recommendations Lab -
  • Dev Labs: Build a Sentiment Analysis App in minutes using Amplify Framework -
  • A/B testing with [email protected] -
  • Predicting Customer Churn with Amazon SageMaker -
  • Build a Website Login page with AWS ELB and AWS Cognito -
  • Predicting Customer Churn with Amazon SageMaker -
  • Deploy a Locust load generator in ECS using CDK Python -
  • Build a modern serverless web application in minutes using the AWS Amplify Framework -
  • Creating a recommendation using Amazon Personalize -

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