Ansible for VMware

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VM Migration: Planning

terraform -v

git clone cd terraform-codelab/lab-networking

edit terraform.tfvars -> open editor project_id=”qwiklabs-gcp-01-eb85e88d83fc”

gcloud iam service-accounts create terraform –display-name terraform

gcloud iam service-accounts list

gcloud iam service-accounts keys create ./credentials.json –iam-account

gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding qwiklabs-gcp-01-eb85e88d83fc – –role=roles/owner

— setup remote state

gsutil mb gs://qwiklabs-gcp-01-eb85e88d83fc-state-bucket

– edit

terraform { backend “gcs” { bucket = “qwiklabs-gcp-01-eb85e88d83fc-state-bucket” # Change this to -state-bucket prefix = "terraform/lab/network" } }

— run terraform

terraform init

terraform plan

terraform apply

terraform show

– add a subnet


# # Create the network
module "vpc" {
  source  = "terraform-google-modules/network/google"
  version = "~> 0.4.0"

  # Give the network a name and project
  project_id   = "${google_project_service.compute.project}"
  network_name = "my-custom-network"

  subnets = [
      # Creates your first subnet in us-west1 and defines a range for it
      subnet_name   = "my-first-subnet"
      subnet_ip     = ""
      subnet_region = "us-west1"
      # Creates a dedicated subnet for GKE
      subnet_name   = "my-gke-subnet"
      subnet_ip     = ""
      subnet_region = "us-west1"
    # Add your subnet here

  # Define secondary ranges for each of your subnets
  secondary_ranges = {
    my-first-subnet = []

    my-gke-subnet = [
        # Define a secondary range for Kubernetes pods to use
        range_name    = "my-gke-pods-range"
        ip_cidr_range = ""
    # Add your subnet’s secondary range below this line.


terraform apply

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