GNS3 Infra Setup

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GNS3 Infra Setup
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Step 1

  • setup virtualbox or VMWare ESXi node

Step 2

  • Download GNS3 image (OVA or suitable format)

Step 3

  • Create a VM in ESXi (or in VirtualBox) with downloaded ova file
  • configure IP as you need

Step 4

  • Download and install GNS3 GUI on a machine (your workstation or laptop)
  • Refer install instruction - linux

Step 5

  • Open GNS3 GUI -> Connect to GNS3 VM/Image

Step 6

  • Create Project

Step 7

  • Download ISO images for devices
  • or IOS

Connect to real network

install gns3-server locally

sudo apt install  gns3-server

Prepare GNS3 VM for oVirt

Install GNS3 on a remote server

Ref: Install GNS3 on a remote server

cd /tmp
curl >

## without VPN
bash --with-iou --with-i386-repository

## with VPN
bash --with-openvpn --with-iou --with-i386-repository

Access the GNS3 Server on - http://YOUR_IP:3080/

[NOT Tried Yet] Convert VirtualBox to KVM format

  • Download GNS3 VM for VirtualBOx
  • Convert to qcow2 format

qemu-img convert -f vdi -O qcow2 disk-1.vdi disk-2.qcow2


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