How To Get Hands-On Experience in AWS

Gineesh Gineesh Follow Jan 04, 2021 · 1 min read
How To Get Hands-On Experience in AWS
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Every Time you have the same situation, you know the technology and maybe you are already a certified professional in that technology, but you are not getting enough hands-on on that technology because your organization or your team is not working with that technology. And what, you will slowly start to forget about this topic.

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I heard the same concern from a few friends recently, as they are already Certified as AWS Architects or DevOps engineers but never got a chance to work on AWS! But trust me, there are so many ways to get hands-on, you can do your own PoC’s and get more exposure on each and every technology. So the next question is, what should I do for the PoC ? what type of experiments I can try with my own arrangements ? Well, if you ask me this for AWS, there is a great collection of Hands-on Tutorials by AWS itself. In August 2020, Red Hat announced the availability of Remote exams for students and the entire Learning community were so happy, yes we can attend Red Hat exams from our home or office; not all exams yet.

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