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Ref: https://github.com/json-path/JsonPath

Basic Dictionary

$.car.wheels[2]                   # 2rd item
$.[0,3]                           # 1st and 4th elements from array
$.[0:4]                           # 1st to 4th elements from array
                                    excluding 4th element
$.[0:6:2]                         # 1st to 4th  elements with steps 2 (skip one element each time)                        
$.[-1:0]                          # last item
$.[-8:-2]                         # from bottom
$.[0:5].phone                     # first five   
$.[-5:].age                       # last 5 entries    

Wild Card

$.[*].color                       # color property of any parent items
$.prizes[?(@.year == 2014)].laureates[*].firstname 
                                  # all firstname but for year 2014

JSON PATH in kubernetes

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