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Open Source Projects and Products

Gineesh Gineesh Follow · 2 mins read
Open Source Projects and Products
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Open source refers to software where the source code is freely available for anyone to see, modify, and distribute. This fosters collaboration, innovation, and transparency. Open source projects often evolve into popular products through active community development and adoption. The following list explores some well-known open source projects and the products they have helped create.

Open source Products and Upstream Open source Projects

Product Open Source Project  
Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform (RHAAP) Ansible AWX  
Ansible automation hub Galaxy NG  
Event Driven Ansible (EDA) EDA Server  
Red Hat OpenShift okd  
Red Hat Directory Server 389 Directory Server  
Red Hat Single Sign On (RHSSO) keycloak  
Red Hat Satellite (Multiple projects - Satellite 6 Component Versions)  
Builds for Red Hat OpenShift Shipwright  
Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes stolos = fleet, tron = tool, Open Cluster Management  
Red Hat Application Foundations OptaPlanner  
Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant Project Wisdom  
Red Hat Service Interconnect Skupper  
Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform WildFly  
Red Hat build of Keycloak (RHBK) Keycloak Keycloak provides user federation, strong authentication, user management, fine-grained authorization, and more.
Red Hat Single Sign-On Keycloak Legacy  
Red Hat Data Grid Infinispan In-memory data grid
Red Hat AMQ ActiveMQ Artemis The Next Generation Message Broker by ActiveMQ
Red Hat AMQ Streams Apache Kafka Distributed event streaming platform
Red Hat build of Apache Camel 4.0 Apache Camel  


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