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OpenShift Local (Formerly CodeReady Containers - CRC)

Gineesh Gineesh Follow · 3 mins read
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Red Hat CodeReady Containers

Installing CodeReady Containers

Download CRC Package

Refer : Install OpenShift on a laptop with CodeReady Containers Also check:

  • Visit
  • Choose install on Laptop ->
  • Download for your OS choise (Windows10, MacOS, Linux)
  • Move package to your machine folder
  • extract the package tar -xf FILENAME.tar.xz

  • Download and keep the pull secret from same location. You need that later during crc start

Required software packages

CodeReady Containers requires the libvirt and NetworkManager packages.

yum install NetworkManager

Enable sudo for user

[devops@node1 ~]$ sudo cat /etc/sudoers.d/devops
[sudo] password for devops:

Setup Cluster

$ cd crc-linux-1.11.0-amd64
$ export PATH=/home/devops/crc-linux-1.11.0-amd64:$PATH

## set up your host operating system for the CodeReady Containers virtual machine.
## Use normal user account
$ crc setup

# Configure CRC
crc config set cpus 4
crc config set memory 
## Start cluster
## if you are on a terminal without GUI, you will have difficulty to copy/paste pull secret content. in that you can mention the pull secret ful
$ crc start -p /path-to/pull-secret

Access your Cluster

$ eval $(crc oc-env)
$ oc login -u developer -p developer

## see credentials
$ crc console --credentials
To login as a regular user, run 'oc login -u developer -p developer https://api.crc.testing:6443'.
To login as an admin, run 'oc login -u kubeadmin -p 8rynV-SeYLc-h8Ij7-YPYcz https://api.crc.testing:6443'

## Access Console
$ crc console
Opening the OpenShift Web Console in the default browser...

Enable cluster monitoring (metrics)

CodeReady Containers disables the machine-config and monitoring Operators by default.

To enable:

crc config set enable-cluster-monitoring true

Clean up

$ crc cleanup


  • Issue : After crc start and crc console, oc login fails with Internal error occurred: unexpected response: 503 for a while #740

  • Issue : Unable to connect to console

$ crc ip
$ nmcli conn show

Installing CRC on GCP (WIP)

Create a GCP Instance with Nested Virtualization

# create the instance with nested virtualization
# add other parameters as needed
gcloud compute instances create VM_NAME \
  --enable-nested-virtualization \
  --zone=ZONE \
  --min-cpu-platform="Intel Haswell"
# login to VM
gcloud compute ssh VM_NAME

# check nested virtualization
grep -cw vmx /proc/cpuinfo


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