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Ansible Tower - How to Backup and Restore

Ansible Tower is a wonderful product which help to implement a central hub for IT automation. Ansible Tower is basically a web console and REST API for underlying Ansible Engine but w...

In ansible, automation, Sep 24, 2019

Ansible – Part 8 – Managing Facts

Ansible facts are nothing but some variables which are automatically discovered by the Ansible on managed hosts while running ansible adhoc commands or playbooks.

In Ansible, Automation, Sep 03, 2019

Ansible – Part 7 – Managing Variables

You can use variables in ansible plays to store values like users to create, packages to install etc. By using variables, you can manage your plays with dynamic input values.

In Ansible, Automation, Aug 30, 2019

Configure TLS Encrypted Tunnel For Remote Logs Using Syslog-ng

You might be a Sysadmin, developer, DBA or whatever, logs are like treasure boxes for anyone working in IT. And the best practice to keep logs in a central location together with loca...

In Aug 08, 2019

Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) – Frequently Asked Questions

LTSVP stands for Long Term Social Visit Pass and this is using inorder bring our parents for long stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 1 year. The duration may be less if the employment ...

In expats, visa, Jul 02, 2019

HTTP Status Codes

You are browsing some sites or testing your own web applications, and suddenly you receive a white screen with some error number ! No worries, if you are getting some error message me...

In Jul 02, 2019

Sending Email Using Python and smtplib

We can easily send email from python script using smtplib module, which defines an SMTP client session object that can be used to send mail to any Internet machine with an SMTP or ESM...

In Jun 13, 2019

Learn the basics of Linux from Red Hat

Red Hat is offering its beginner level Linux course at no-cost; yes you heard it right – Its free ! Red Hat Enterprise Linux Technical Overview (RH024) is offering as Video Classroom ...

In Feb 25, 2019

How to delete a pod with Terminating state in OpenShift or Kubernetes Cluster

There might be situations where you have already deleted pods (or already removed dc aka deployment configuration) but pods are stuck in Terminating state. There are few suggestions i...

In Jan 24, 2019

How to Fix a Failed PV in OpenShift Cluster

There are several cases a PV (PhysicalVolume) appear as Failed in OpenShift or Kubernetes cluster. Once of the reason is wrong ClaimRef by which PV will mark as claimed but actually n...

In Nov 16, 2018