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GNS3 VM – How to Enable KVM Support

GNS3 (Graphical Network Simulator) is the most popular – open source, free software – tool for designing and simulating network infrastructure.

In network, automation, Dec 26, 2019

How to Request Resource Quota Increase in Microsoft Azure

As we know public cloud is offering unlimited* amount of resources and as an end user of public cloud we don’t need to worry about the backend resources. But, there are few facts to c...

In azure, cloud, Nov 08, 2019

Build Your Own Git Server using Gogs

When it comes to VCS (Version Control System), we will have confusion as we have many products in market with almost same capabilities. When we think about enterprise level usage, Git...

In ansible, automation, cloud, Oct 22, 2019

Adding Container Images to Google Container Registry (GCR)

Google Container Registry (GCR) is a service in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to manage your own docker container repository. This is fully managed service and you can store your custom...

In gcr, container, gcp, automation, Oct 21, 2019

Ansible Tower - How to Backup and Restore

Ansible Tower is a wonderful product which help to implement a central hub for IT automation. Ansible Tower is basically a web console and REST API for underlying Ansible Engine but w...

In ansible, automation, Sep 24, 2019

Ansible – Part 8 – Managing Facts

Ansible facts are nothing but some variables which are automatically discovered by the Ansible on managed hosts while running ansible adhoc commands or playbooks.

In Ansible, Automation, Sep 03, 2019

Ansible – Part 7 – Managing Variables

You can use variables in ansible plays to store values like users to create, packages to install etc. By using variables, you can manage your plays with dynamic input values.

In Ansible, Automation, Aug 30, 2019

Configure TLS Encrypted Tunnel For Remote Logs Using Syslog-ng

You might be a Sysadmin, developer, DBA or whatever, logs are like treasure boxes for anyone working in IT. And the best practice to keep logs in a central location together with loca...

In Aug 08, 2019

Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) – Frequently Asked Questions

LTSVP stands for Long Term Social Visit Pass and this is using inorder bring our parents for long stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 1 year. The duration may be less if the employment ...

In expats, visa, Jul 02, 2019

HTTP Status Codes

You are browsing some sites or testing your own web applications, and suddenly you receive a white screen with some error number ! No worries, if you are getting some error message me...

In Jul 02, 2019