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How to delete a pod with Terminating state in OpenShift or Kubernetes Cluster

There might be situations where you have already deleted pods (or already removed dc aka deployment configuration) but pods are stuck in Terminating state. There are few suggestions i...

In Jan 24, 2019

How to Fix a Failed PV in OpenShift Cluster

There are several cases a PV (PhysicalVolume) appear as Failed in OpenShift or Kubernetes cluster. Once of the reason is wrong ClaimRef by which PV will mark as claimed but actually n...

In Nov 16, 2018

OpenShift Cluster – How to Drain or Evacuate a Node for Maintenance

As we know OpenShift clusters are bundled with multiple compute nodes, master nodes, infra nodes etc, it’s not a big deal to manage node maintenance for OS patching kind of activities...

In Nov 07, 2018